Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Red, Black, And Blue

 Although the day of red, white, and blue has already passed, I still can't get enough of reds and blues together.  Something about that combo...not to mention I also love red and black together.  Hence this trio.  Lately, I have been grabbing outfits that I'm in the mood for.  Not necessarily trendy, but certainly leaning towards comfort.

(unknown brand from Dillards) Black V-neck Doublestrap Tank XS, Mango Red Suit Trousers XS (similar here), J.Crew Cobalt Blue Suede Sandal Wedges size 7 (similar here and here and here, Francesca's Double Drop Gold Wire Earrings (I want to find a dupe for this since it's my favorite pair of earrings! similar here)

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 Favorite Beauty Tricks of 2012

I have planned to do this post since the middle of July.  So early right?  It was necessary, I promise.

Since I post so infrequently, it was silly for me to do another "favorite products of the year" post (like I did for last year).  So to switch things up, I compiled a list of my top 12 favorite beauty tricks that I wanted to share with yall.  I put half-a-year's worth of thought into this - editing it about 11 times...pondering early paid off - so I hope there is a tip or two you can pick up from this post.  If you didn't learn anything new, sorry?

[In no particular hierarchy]:

1.  vaseline to prevent blisters:
Come on, we all have that one (or two..) pair of shoes that is so darn cute on the outside, but has a nasty personality, giving us blisters.  Allow me to introduce you to vaseline, your new best friend.  Spread a little vaseline love on the areas where the shoes rub the most, and the blisters are naught.  Works best if you do this before wearing the shoes since it won't help if you already have the busted skin blisters.
2.  extra virgin olive oil to break down waterproof mascara:
I want to keep what little puny, sparse eyelashes I have, so I don't want to be tugging and rubbing my eyes out with eye makeup remover. I found that having a cotton ball with some extra virgin olive oil (preferably organic) and letting that soak on the lashes for a few seconds really helps to break down the masacara before using normal eye makeup remover.  In case you're wondering, this is my daily eye makeup remover:

3.  slimmer, less buttony nose by lightly brushing bronzer on the sides:
I learned this trick from the makeup artist of Jessica Alba, and what he does is to ever-so-slightly brush a little bronzer on the sides of the nose, as high up as where the nose bridge curves around the eyes and as low as the groove between the nostrils and the pointiest part of the nose.  With my button nose, I find that this trick can make a noticeable difference in photos, giving the illusion that I have a slimmer, less buttony nose, if I'm going for that look.  On most days though, I like to embrace my button nose.
4.  clear nail polish to prevent further hosiery runs:
If you catch a tear or hole in the hosiery early on, you can prevent further runs by painting a dab of clear nail polish at the tear and watch your tights last a few more seasons.  I find that reapplying the nail polish every once in a while helps keep the tears tamed.
5.  poutier lips with highlighter on the cupid's bow:
No fancy lip plumper needed.  If you're goin' for this poutier lip look, just dab a little highlighter or shimmery light eyeshadow on the cupid's bow (the groove on the top lip).
6.  reduce waste, save monies - rotate favorite products with less favorite products:
I admit - I can be guilty of buying a product, thinking that I like it, and then later I find another product that I like even more.  Oh, and it just so happens that I lose the receipt too, or it's past the date when I can return it.  Instead of suffering through the products I don't like as much, I like to rotate the products so I gradually get to use up the less fav products while still enjoying the better products.  I've done this with shampoo, eye creams, serums, face lotions, etc.
7.  exfoliate lips with toothbrush:
Nothing fancy.  An easy way to prep lips for lipstick or other lip products without having to buy a lip scrub.
8.  create natural hair volume by clipping up damp hair in the crown:
Those claw clips from the local drugstore can do wonders to create natural volume at the crown of my head.  I like to run my fingers a ~1/2 inch above my ears and gather all the hair above into a claw clip; then I loosen up the top of the hair to create a big poof on the top of my headLet air dry, release the claw clip, and there ya go!  Natural volume with cascading hair waves framing the face is what I get.
9creating angled eyeshadow look/making the face more proportionate using post-it
I can't explain this method better than Jenn from clothesencounters, but one trick she doesn't mention is that by elongating the eyeshadow past the natural eye width to match the width of the widest part of your nose, this technique can make the face appear more proportionate (and supposedly visually appealing, but to be honest I just use this technique if I'm going for a certain look).  Here's Jenn's video explaining what I mean by using the post-it notes as a guide for making angled eyeshadow: 
10.  deep clean face with a microfiber wash cloth
Found at TJMaxx, dollar stores, drugstores, supermarkets, etc., a microfiber wash cloth is excellent at pulling dirt and gunk out of the pores.  I noticed a HUGE difference in the clarity of my skin using this wash cloth, and it also can serve as a gentle daily exfoliator tooWho needs a $100+ clarisonic to deep clean?  I've got a $1 microfiber wash cloth.
11.  removing blood stains with shampoo:
I know this sounds gross, but let's be real.  IT HAPPENS.  Whether from a nose bleed or from that time of the month, shampoo can completely wash out the blood in that dress shirt or pair of undiesNo joke.  I've converted 2 of my friends to use shampoo on blood stains.  Works best with clarifying shampoo and on fresher blood stains.
12.  overall clear skin by drinking water...lots of it:
I got into the habit of drinking water all day err day, and I saw my skin significantly clear up from acne and breakouts.  My drinking habits got a little out of control to the point where I drank 5 liters (~21 cups) of water a day, but I noticed a difference in my skin even when I drank the usual recommended 8 cups of water a day.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

White + Gold

So Wild.  I got to walk down the runway for the INSPIRE United Way charity fashion show hosted by Monsanto, thanks to my good friend PJ who was one of the main coordinators of the fashion show.  As a public health student, I am very conscious about all the *lovely* interventions Monsanto does, so I have to admit I felt a bit quesy about supporting Monsanto.  However, PJ and I set aside our different opinions about Monsanto, and it finally came down to supporting PJ, raising funds for United way....and having a ton of fun.  If you have ever walked down a runway before or performed in front of large audience, you'll understand what I mean when I tell you it's the most distressing, heart-pumping experience that makes me want to do it again and again...
It was nice to have an excuse to dress up after the fashion show ended.  This is the outfit I wore after I was able to escape from the hectic dressing rooms I nicknamed Madness that night.  Sadly, my hair was so hopelessly, tightly curled (styled by Paul Mitchell School students who promised that the 1/2 inch tight curls would loosen throughout day, despite me telling them that my hair curls super easily and stays curled until I wash my hair) that I wasn't able to relax it for this post-fashion show outfit.  I was literally pulling and tugging at my strands all night thinking my hands could magically unwind them, but alas, no luck.  Whatevs.

[Found the fabulous Soo!]
[My pixelated life on instagram @alimei16]

Aside from the fashion show, I absolutely had a blast making this white ostrich feather skirt.  It took close to a year to make because I'm just slow at LIFE.  I am super happy how it turned out though, and am brewing ideas of my next designing project in my little brain...

[Gold sandwich for dinner, anyone?]

One of my fav trends for fall/winter 2012 was all white from head to toe, and the stark color (or noncolor?) was commonly paired with all gold accents or all black accents.  I tried to incorporate pieces that I already owned, and this little gold sandwich bag, which I thrifted last spring at ScholarShop (for $8 bucks too!), was so perfect for bringing that extra gold oomph to the outfit.  Not to mention it looks like a delicious, gleaming sandwich.  If you know me, I have an unhealthy obsession with sandwiches.  For lunch, dinner, breakfast, midnight snacks, mid-afternoon snacks...and as accessories apparently.  Can't. Get. Enough.

Zara white blazer size XS (similar here and here), DIY white ostrich feather skirt, Thrifted gold hard-bodied clutch via ScholarShop (similar here and here...the latter is very chanel-spring/summer 2013-esque with the aquatic theme), ASOS Armour Fan Earrings (here), Jimmy Choo Vicky size 37 (similar here and here), Gorjana gold leather wrap bracelet (here), H&M gold buckle bracelet (similar here)

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[Being silly]

Photo Credits: Vincent Wu from Illuminated Focus Photography
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